Petite Parade: Twinning was never this cool

Petite Parade: Twinning was never this cool

#Twinning Was Never This Cool

When we heard our friend, Arman Khaki Motlagh, the PR, Marketing & Sales Director of MINI A TURE was launching a father & son line, we had to sit down, sip tea and learn more! Check out our Q&A with the designer of the newest (possibly coolest) childrenswear brand, Unauthorized as they recently wrap Playtime Paris and get ready to show on the petitePARADE runway at Children's Club this August!

pP: Hi Arman! You've been working with Mini-A-Ture Cophenhagen for a while now. What inspired Unauthorized? 

AKM: I have been working for MINI A TURE for the past 7 years. Our CEO Signe has been pushing me for a while to start a new boys/menswear brand inspired by my own style. It took me a while actually to take the step and start designing – actually she has been pushing for 2 years...So finally, it was time. The idea is to design clothes for boys that is inspired by the adult fashion scene – with style and attitude. To create a brand that mixes high fashion, sportswear and streetwear.

pP: You just wrapped Playtime Paris! What's your favorite thing about the city of lights?

AKM: Oh…Paris is really my favourite city. I think the French people are so kind and inspirational – they have such good style and are so creative. From the legendary restaurants with the most amazing unique interior to the unformal packed cafes around the corner where you sit outside enjoying a glass of red wine. When you are in Paris it is really important to get culture in your blood – so I don’t only love shopping and eating delicious food. I also fancy all the galleries and special exhibitions that gives you so much inspiration …

pP: The new collection looks like you're putting comfort first, where is it made? 

AKM: I love to look at fabrics. Comfort is very important as I know that boys/men really like to feel comfortable in their clothes. This particular collection is produced in Portugal. 

pP: Is this the first collection you have designed? 

AKM: This is my very first collection!

pP: Next stop, NYC! We're so excited to put Unauthorized down the runway at Children's Club in August! What do you most look forward to on your frequent trips to New York? 

AKM: I am so excited as well…. I love your shows. New York, oh New York! Where do I begin? New York has this energy I have never seen in any city before. I love the speed, the lights. When I come to New York, the first thing I do is to wear my comfy sneaks and just walk around the city. I always start in Chelsea where I live, and walk around the gallery area which starts on 21 St. and up to 10th or 11th Ave. til 26th St. Love the Lower East Side, as well – there is so much young experimenting art which I appreciate. Uhh, and then I always love to go to the flea market in Brooklyn. I get so much inspiration from there from the vintage and funky designs.

Be sure to to follow #petitePARADE for live runway coverage on August 6th & 7th as Unauthorized hits the runway at Children's Club in NYC before it hits stores next Spring!

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